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FAQ’s to help prepare you for your Boudoir Session

January 18th, 2012

How far in advance should I book? To get on the calendar, call as soon as possible.  During the busiest times of the year, you may need to book your session at least a month in advance to take place at least 6 weeks before you will need the images in hand. Your full gallery […]

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How far in advance should I book?
To get on the calendar, call as soon as possible.  During the busiest times of the year, you may need to book your session at least a month in advance to take place at least 6 weeks before you will need the images in hand. Your full gallery will be finished within 2-3 weeks.

But I want this to be a surprise for my hubby for Valentine’s Day, any suggestions?
Sure! Valentine’s Day is a huge time for a scintillating portrait.  Maybe surprise him by bringing him in to choose the images with you, or better yet, book a V-day package and bring him to watch the shoot!  Rush upgrades are available if you would like your proofs to be ready sooner.
If you’re ordering an album, it can take 8-10 weeks after your full gallery is up until the first draft is finished. From there it depends on how fast you can approve it. 4-6 weeks later, you will have your book!

Where are the pictures done? Can you photograph me in my home?
Sessions are typically shot in our studio, but on-location options are available…
A boudoir session won’t work just anywhere. We need good lighting, simple decor, easy-to-move furniture and interesting surroundings. Your home might work, or maybe a friend’s place.
If neither of those options work, or if you’re from out of town and traveling to the area for the shoot, perhaps rent a bed and breakfast room or a luxurious hotel suite.  The cost of location rental is not covered in your session fee; however we will schedule special events at local hotels throughout the year.  Contact us to be added to the mailing list and be notified when these dates are scheduled.

When do sessions take place?
Boudoir sessions take place on weekdays, and on location sessions are shot when it is bright outside.  Please note our studio hours are Tues-Friday, 9am – 5pm.  Studio sessions are typically scheduled at either 9am for morning appointments, or 1pm for afternoon appointments.

What about hair and makeup?
We HIGHLY recommend getting professional makeup done before your shoot! If professional hair and makeup is not included in the package you want, feel free to hire your own professional. Either way, your hair and makeup needs to be ready by the time the shoot begins. False eyelashes are a great way to boost your eyes, and are strongly recommended. . If you have long hair, maybe start with it styled down and bring along clips or pony-tail holders so we can have alternative looks if needed. Also have on hand whatever makeup you might need for touch-ups.  Check out these packages that include hair, makeup and more!

What do I wear?
Bring lots of options.  Make sure to bring a matching bra and panty set, black preferred.  Avoid thongs and choose bikinis, cheekies or boy shorts instead.  A corset also makes a fabulous wardrobe choice.  Get together outfits or lingerie items that you or your significant other will enjoy. But don’t feel like it has to be all about lacey thongs and bras. A simple tank top and jeans or boy shorts and an oversized shirt of his can be equally as sultry. Many women enjoy shopping for new outfits for the shoot.  Some places I recommend are Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Lingerie Divas and Orchard Corset.  Remember, bigger is better.  Bras and panties that are too tight will cause unflattering indentations.
Bring any accessories you want to use, and don’t forget heels, heels and more heels!
We do have a selection of props including furs, boas, pearls, hats and hair fascinators that you may use to enhance your portrait.

Do you do Pin-Up style photos?
Yep, sure do! We have several sets and styles of photography to choose from, so the choice is really up to you. Pin-up photos are fun and flirty, and usually processed with more artwork to give it that stylized look.  To enhance the style, we suggest you go to a professional make-up artist to get a Pin-Up look for your hair and make-up.

Please view some of the samples below to better give you an idea of what style/styles you prefer.  These will help you choose your style in your pre-session questionnaire.

View more of our work on our website and on our Facebook page

Pin-Up Images by Gil Elvgren

Images courtesy Vogue Magazine

Images Courtesy Maxim Magazine

Images courtesy Playboy Magazine

Who will see my images?
We will not post to my blog or site any images without your permission. We do request that our clients to allow us to post photos in which they are not identifiable so that we may continue to show our current work. If you will agree share images that show your face, we’ll be super thankful.
Once your images are fully processed, you will receive a link to your private password-protected viewing gallery. You can share this info with whomever you wish.
If you wish to post images online, we will gladly provide you with a watermarked copy of the images you have ordered.

How naked do I have to get?
The question actually is…How naked do you WANT to get? When filling out your pre-session questionnaire, you can indicate what level of nudity you are comfortable with.  Yes, we do shoot nudes, but we do not shoot images that can be mistaken for porn.

What can I expect?
It’s going to be FUN. Seriously. You’ll probably be nervous. That’s totally normal.  We’ll look at the clothing and props you want to use. We’ll get an idea of the order we’re going to shoot. I’ll make dumb jokes, because I’m a dork. Suddenly you’ll notice you’re completely relaxed, and with some coaching from me, you’ll feel like a supermodel. You’ll change a few times, all the while feeling giddy that you’re FINALLY doing this…whether it is for yourself or for the love of your life.

Do you airbrush?
Yes. We will airbrush all of the images for your order and present you with a magazine quality final product.

Can you make me look thinner or make my boobs bigger?
Not really. You don’t need a perfect body to look beautiful. Instead, I will find poses that help obscure your insecurities and magnify your strengths. We will also do touch-ups with skin smoothing to cover minor skin imperfections such as cuts or pimples, but please do not expect miracles with altering your body shape or physical features. You still want to look like yourself when all is said and done.